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Green emerald drop earrings worn by a dark haired model

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and the search is on to find a thoughtful gift for the one you love. 

Handcrafted jewellery sends all the right signals; it’s made with love and care and lasts a lot longer than a last-minute box of chocolates or bunch of flowers. 

We have some beautiful Valentine’s jewellery gift options for all budgets.  So if you you need some inspiration, step right this way… 

Say it with sapphires

Sapphires have long been considered the stone of new love and commitment.  Sapphire jewellery symbolises faithfulness and loyalty, so it’s a wonderful choice to show how much you care.

If your beloved takes a more minimal approach to jewellery, gift her these sweet Sapphire Teardrop Stud Earrings (above) which showcase a delicate teardrop-shaped sapphire set amongst golden granules. 

Necklaces are a lovely choice for Valentine’s as they are worn close to the heart.  Our Necklace with Oval Beads in Sapphire and Gold Vermeil features tactile smooth oval sapphire beads and is easy to wear casually or for a more dressed up look.

The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens

So said Grace Kelly, and who am I to argue? Pearl jewellery is a timeless and versatile choice that also happens to be bang on trend right now.

These Beaded Hoop Earrings in Pearl and Gold Vermeil are a great option for the earring lover in your life. The intricate beading adds a touch of sophistication, making these pearl hoop earrings a thoughtful choice for someone who appreciates handcrafted elegance. 

Or try this classic Pearl Row Bracelet or delicate Pearl Crescent Necklace.

Pearl and gold vermeil hoop earrings worn by a model
Beaded Hoop Earrings in Pearl and Gold Vermeil, £190

Green shoots         

Valentine’s Day coincides with the first stirrings of spring as bulbs nudge their way out of the cold earth.  Emeralds, and the colour green in general, symbolise rebirth, so they make a lovely, meaningful gift to symbolise a fresh start after challenging times.

For a show-stopping gift, wow her with this Emerald Ombre Full-Row Necklace, crafted in verdant green emerald beads.  Or you really can’t go wrong with these best-selling Emerald Grape Earrings.

Photo of emerald beaded necklace with ombre effect on white background
Gold and Emerald Beaded Ombré Necklace, £840

I hope this has helped if you are looking for a thoughtful jewellery gift for your Valentine.  Whether you a choose a dainty pair of earrings or a statement beaded gemstone necklace, remember that what really matters is the thought behind your gift.

Happy Valentine’s!

Kate xxx

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