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Model wearing long emerald drop earrings

One of my absolute favourite stones, emeralds exhibit a gorgeous range of green hues. They range from the traditional ’emerald green’ through to the palest mint, stopping off at vibrant kelly green along the way.  Take a look at my emerald ombré Row Necklace and Catkin Earrings, which display this colour range beautifully.

Emeralds are part of the beryl family of gemstones, which also includes aquamarine and morganite.  Its colour, hardness, slow growth and rarity make it one of the world’s most desirable stones.  Despite their hardness, emeralds can crack under pressure or if give a harsh blow, so be careful not to knock your emerald jewellery.  These stunning gemstones are almost always found with inclusions, which tell the story of their growth.  These ‘birthmarks’ have their own beauty do not detract from the stone’s value.

Emeralds are the birthstone for May, and symbolise rebirth – reminiscent of the the green shoots of spring – and love.

Shop emerald pieces here or get in touch to discuss commissioning something using these gorgeous stones.

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